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Hack And Change Windows OS Password With CMD | Change Windows Password

Easily Hack Windows Administrator Password

Easily Hack Windows Administrator Password

Mostly, computers you find in public are password protected and have certain restrictions on them. But as a hacker, you can directly hack into windows files and change them accordingly. Since you have access to all the files in Windows OS, its quite easy to modify the values accordingly and suitably with the help of command prompt. Command prompt is a useful tool for both web developers and web testers (or hackers maybe). In this article, I'll show you how to hack into windows password and change it without knowing the previous password with the help of CMD! Lets have a look upon some frequently asked questions.

CMD: Command Prompt

I've not idea why CMD is the abbreviation of Command Prompt when D appears only in Command word. Anyways, getting back to the meat, command prompt is a Command Line Interface mostly used by programmers and hackers nowadays to access many files and commands which are not possible with Graphical User Interface (GUI) based commands.

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How To Change Administrator's Password Without Knowing The Previous Password?

Things required:

  1. Administrator Account (Yes! You need to be in administrator account first!)
  2. CMD


  • Okay. Type CMD and open it as Administrator by right clicking it and selecting "Run As Admin" [VERY IMPORTANT STEP]


  • Now type the following line in CMD:
  • Copy and paste won't work. So you have to type.
  • Upon this, you'll get number of users on your PC. Don't worry if your account and administrator account appears different.


  • Now, choose up a user account of which you want to change password. I'll pick up mine Mehul.
  • Type the following lines exactly:
  • It'll show "Type A Password"
  • Type the password you want to set there. The password won't appear, don't worry, that's completely normal.
  • Again, in the retype field, type the above password again.
  • Congrats! You just performed a batch file hack with the help of CMD!


From Editor's Desk

A great trick to make your friends and colleagues surprised how cool you are! Keep in note that MPT don't suggest such tricks for performing illegal activities. Everything posted here is for educational purposes only. MPT is not responsible if you messed up your system. Keep calm and be a hacker. ;)

Peace and blessings!!

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  • Akash

    Not working in Windows 7 :(

    • http://www.mypremiumtricks.com Mehul Mohan

      Aha. I guess you’re getting “System Error 5 has occoured”

      Akash please don’t forget that you’ve to run CMD as administrator. In Windows7, open start, type CMD, right click the CMD icon and click on “Run as administrator”

      Follow the tutorial again. It should work now.

      • Akash

        I did the same. But when I put “net user MYUSERNAME *” than I got this:

        The syntax of this command is:

        NET USER
        [username [password | *] [optional]] [/DOMAIN/]
        username {password | *} /ADD [optional] [/DOMAIN]
        username [/DELETE] [/DOMAIN]
        username [/TIMES:{times | ALL}]

        • http://www.mypremiumtricks.com Mehul Mohan

          Make sure to keep the case same. For instance, first just type

          net user

          and then it’ll show all the available users list. Then type the exact syntax as you wrote. ;) If System Error 5 has occurred is not the main error, it’ll work right away now ;)

          • Akash

            May be it is not working because my username is of two words. As Administrator and Guest usernames are working. :)

  • Aslaf

    Wow! It Worked! Thanks a lot Mehul! Time to play with it! :D

    • http://www.mypremiumtricks.com Mehul Mohan

      Glad to know you liked it! Happy new year! :D Keep visiting!